Encyclopedia Dramatica Deletes Some Offensive Content

Soon after ED came back after an extended down time on Sun Jan 23 2011, which Sherrod DeGrippo characterized as a "front end configuration mistake", their site administrators began deleting some offensive and racist content. Gone are their original articles on Niggers and Jews, and the infamous "Offended" page has been turned in to a page that encourages racial and religious tolerance. The most significant deletion was the removal of the page on Aboriginals.

When Steve Hodder-Watt discovered that page more than a year ago, he filed a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission and Google. That complaint eventually led to Google removing it from their Australian search engine results and wide-spread coverage from blogs and news organizations. ED responded with a blustery missive on their official blog penned by "Joseph Evers".

Encyclopedia Dramatica will never be censored in any way. We will keep publishing this content and our Australian users will be able to view it up until the point that your God-forsaken government blocks it with their soon-to-be-implemented secret list of banned material.

There has been no official explanation for ED's purge of offensive content, but one insider told me that it was because DeGrippo wanted to make the site more advertiser friendly. If she is serious, she should also consider deleting the hit job on Steve Hodder-Watt.