Andrew 'weev' Auernheimer Released On Bail From Federal Custody

Updated Feb 28 2011

Andrew Auernheimer released on $50,000 bail today. 
Auernheimer, from a recent US Marshals Service mug shot
 The New Jersey Star-Ledger:
[weev] was freed on $50,000 bail today by a magistrate who threatened to send the defendant back to jail if he uses the internet for anything other than work. At a hearing in Newark to discuss the bail conditions, U.S. District Magistrate Madeline Cox Arleo also told Auernheimer his computer at both work and home will be monitored by the court. He will be permitted to have a cell phone, but it cannot have internet access, she said.
And he cannot have any contact with the alleged victims of e-mail theft or with members of Goatse Security, a loosely structured group of internet hackers.

The Smoking Gun:
In a January 18 financial affidavit, Auernheimer reported that he has been unemployed since November 2008, and claimed to have only made $200 during the previous year. A father of two minor children who live overseas, Auernheimer’s residence appears fluid. He “lives w/friends, motels,” according to the affidavit.

Earlier, from the New York Times, Arkansas Business and Washington County Sherrif's Office:

Two Are Charged in iPad Security Breach


NEWARK — Federal prosecutors arrested two men on Tuesday on charges of fraud and conspiracy for obtaining and distributing the e-mail addresses of 114,000 iPad 3G owners.

Daniel Spitler, 26, and Andrew Auernheimer, 25, who are part of a group known as Goatse Security, gained national attention last June when they discovered a security loophole on AT&T’s Web site that allowed them to access the addresses and corresponding iPad identification numbers.

Those affected by the breach included military personnel, members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, and employees of NASA and the Department of Homeland Security.

Mr. Auernheimer, of Fayetteville, Ark., was taken into custody by the F.B.I. in Arkansas on Tuesday and was charged in federal court there. Mr. Spitler, a San Francisco resident, surrendered to the authorities and was taken into custody in Newark.

Criminal Complaint: US v. Daniel Spitler and Andrew Auernheimer
Archived copy

The Associated Press reports Auernheimer, 25, is in custody in his hometown pending a bail hearing Friday Jan 21. He has mocked the case against him, telling federal officials in the courtroom, "This is a great affidavit — fantastic reading."

Jan 21 2011:
Auernheimer waived a bail hearing today and remains in custody. His status of being homeless, unemployed and alienated from his family left him little chance of making bail. He will be transferred to New Jersey to face charges in the next two weeks.


Feb 08 2011:
Auernheimer was released today by the Washington County, Arkansas Sheriff's Office and his custody was transferred to the U.S. Marshals Service and
escorted to the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City.

Court order authorizing Auernheimer's transfer
Department of Justice press release. It notes that Candace Hom, a federal public defender, will be representing Auernheimer.

Feb 23 2011:
The Associated Press reports that Auernheimer made his first court appearance in New Jersey today. He did not enter a plea, and a bail hearing was scheduled for next week.
"There is a serious risk of flight," Assistant U.S. Attorney Lee Vartan told Shwartz at Wednesday's hearing. "He has no real connection to New Jersey or, really, to any location at all."