Encyclopedia Dramatica receives court order?

On December 8 2010, there was an unconfirmed report on Valleywag  that ED received a federal court order to take down material relating to Operation Payback. Let it be noted that Daniel Shockey deleted ED's article on the subject shortly before Valleywag's report, and also DMCAbot (which is not really a bot, but more like an official account used by ED's owners to respond to legal threats) deleted 22 related images. An archived copy of the Encyclopedia Dramatica article that was deleted is available here.

ED's article that describes how to obtain and use LOIC, the software used by Anonymous for Operation Payback, has not been taken down as of Dec 9 2010. It is archived here.

Update Jan 29 2011

Five were arrested in the UK and The FBI executed more than 40 search warrants Thursday. Quoted from the New York Times,

The F.B.I. investigation is part of a larger international inquiry into a loose confederation of hackers calling itself “Anonymous” that coordinated the cyberattacks against the Web sites of companies like PayPal, Visa and MasterCard late last year after they severed ties with WikiLeaks.

Law enforcement agencies in France, Germany and the Netherlands have also sought to find members of the group.

Meanwhile, ED continues to advise people on how to obtain and use LOIC for DDoS attacks and to lie to the FBI if caught and questioned.
Quoted from ED article on the LOIC:

Newfags FAQs

What if I get caught and [arrested]?
  • You probably won't. It's recommended that attack with over 9000 other anons while attacking alone pretty much means doing nothing. If you are a complete idiot and LOIC a small server alone, there is a chance of getting V&. No one will bother let alone have the resources to deal with DDoS attacks that happens every minute around the world. Then theres always the botnet excuse. Just say your pc was infected by a botnet and you have since ran antivirus programs and what not to try to get rid of it. Or just say you have NFI what a DDoS is at all.
PROTIP: If you do get [arrested]: ALWAYS deny it, Explain it was botnet, Say you have dynamic IP and that they have the wrong guy. Also, epic lolz will be achieved because you are a fag. DDOS ONLY IN GROUPS