Kale Davis is Heartless

Kale Davis
Kale Davis, AKA Karbraxis on Ohinternet, photo © Tamara Mann
Kale Davis was recently stationed in Grafenwöhr Germany and was a member of the 57th Signal Company, 172D Infantry BrigadeHe is currently in Korea. He often regaled other Encyclopedia Dramatica users on IRC with tales of his exploits which were then chronicled on ED.  One tale they have not yet told occurred the night of Oct 30, 2010, when Sean Carasov put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger after chatting on IRC. Davis, apparently for his own amusement, wanted Carasov to broadcast his suicide live on the Internet. The following log is excerpted from The Last Words of Sean Carasov. Kale Davis was using the nickname HardServ and Carasov was OldDirtyBtard.

[Oct 31 00:08:14] * kale_ is now known as HardServ
[Oct 31 00:30:37] OldDirtyBtard: i'm looking for my .45
[Oct 31 00:30:41] OldDirtyBtard: brb
[Oct 31 00:35:37] OldDirtyBtard: i cant find my clip
[Oct 31 00:35:41] OldDirtyBtard: brb
[Oct 31 00:36:00] OldDirtyBtard: um
[Oct 31 00:36:10] HardServ: OldDirtyBtard: do it on cam
[Oct 31 00:36:37] OldDirtyBtard: HardServ: too complicared
[Oct 31 00:36:55] HardServ: lol get on tinychat click broadcast
[Oct 31 00:36:57] HardServ: not to hard
[Oct 31 00:37:12] OldDirtyBtard: i'll be dead in 30 miins
[Oct 31 00:37:12] HardServ: ill even make the channel
[Oct 31 00:38:11] OldDirtyBtard: plox tto be tellling sheneequa to fix my ED pages
[Oct 31 00:40:50] OldDirtyBtard: tay
[Oct 31 00:41:14] OldDirtyBtard: found a fully loaded clip
[Oct 31 00:41:33] HardServ: OldDirtyBtard: ill make the tinychat rom
[Oct 31 00:41:37] OldDirtyBtard: i'll post some pix
[Oct 31 00:41:56] OldDirtyBtard: HardServ: no 
[Oct 31 00:42:32] OldDirtyBtard: i'm going into the bushes
[Oct 31 00:42:56] OldDirtyBtard: fuck the ix
[Oct 31 00:43:04] OldDirtyBtard: pix
[Oct 31 00:43:27] OldDirtyBtard: 'i'm  done' 
[Oct 31 00:53:01] * HardServ ([anonymuncule.irc] Local kill by HardServ (...)) quits
[Oct 31 00:53:02] * HardServ_ (kale@l0ld0ngs-89DEDF90.aus.us.siteprotect.com) has joined
[Oct 31 00:53:14] * HardServ_ (Quit: ...) quits