Turkish Patriots Take Down ED's Forums

Forum.encyclopediadramatica.ch, along with other domains associated with the 21 year old Ryan Cleary were unavailable yesterday because of DDoS attacks originating from Turkish patriots that were targeting Anonnews.org. Crusadegaming (owned by Saad Naveed), ED's forums and several other sites apparently suffered from collateral damage because they all are routed through a bottleneck at vps.anon.su (

Ryan at Crusadegaming: (09 June 2011 - 07:00 PM) Sorry for today's downtime, massive DDoS

AnonNews.org: AnonNews is having capacity issues

AnonNews'in basin bildirisini host etmek disinda OpTurkey'le bir ilgisi bulunmamaktadir. Bu yuzden lutfen AnonNews'e saldirmaktan vazgecin

As of now (Fri Jun 10 2011), Anonnews remains unavailable while the other sites appear to be back to normal. A statement from Ayyıldız Tim indicates they want an apology directed to the Republic of Turkey before they will cease the disruption. An unadvertised mirror, on the same netblock owned by Saad Naveed as anonnews.org, is still up.

Update Sat Jun 11: anonnews.org is back up at

In a related story, Cleary is now hosting IRC coordination channels for Lulzsec(irc.lulzco.org and irc.encyclopediadramatica.ch share six IP numbers (,,,,, )
[Jun 9 2011 07:56:44] *** Joins: Ryan (~b@LulzCo-63BAB37A.anon.su)
[Jun 9 2011 20:43:06] *** Joins: Ryan (~b@LulzCo-CD8A653B.zone12.bethere.co.uk)

Update Wed Jun 15:

irc.lulzco.org is now using  and Arcusvoice.com also points to