Ryan Cleary, Age 21, Admits to DDoSing Sony and Dreamhost

Contrary to news reports, Ryan Cleary is not 17, 18 or 19.

[May 11 19:39:59] DildoBaggins: hey ryan are you really only 17?
[May 11 19:40:02] Ryan: nah
[May 11 19:40:05] Ryan: those dox are old
[May 11 19:40:10] Ryan: 2007ish
[May 11 19:40:17] Ryan: the birthday is wrong too, im a scorpio ^_^
[May 11 19:40:21] DildoBaggins: lulz
[May 11 19:40:39] Ryan: anons have been flooding ED all day with no success
[May 11 19:40:45] Meepsheep: lol
[May 11 19:40:52] Ryan: we peaked like 400 req/s
[May 11 19:40:55] Ryan: try harder pls anons
[May 11 19:41:19] Ryan: http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/stats/web/web/varnish_request_rate-day.png
[May 11 19:41:21] Ryan: pretty graphs yay

His profile page on Crusade Gaming (mentioned in this previous blog post) lists his date of birth as November 17, 1989. On a now deleted page listing their staff structure, he is labeled an "Executive" [who takes] care of server's security".

In a recent interview with Cleary, the Tech Herald's Steve Ragan reports:

In a public chat taunting the others from AnonOps, he openly admitted to several actions on his own. For example, posted logs show him and one other person issuing commands to bots in order to attack Sony and BMI during Operation: Payback. Other logs, as well as his public admission, show Ryan directing the bots to target DreamHost on May 1.

Ryan claimed that OpSony and the attack on BMI were going nowhere until he added his support. This support came by way of 5-10,000 bots, out of an install base of 50,000 to pull from. In addition, he added that the use of LOIC to attack targets was just a scam for the public.
“During OpSony we had a maximum of 40 [LOIC canons],” Ryan told us. “The bot shit was kept secret because it'd be bad PR. If they knew it was bots instead of [LOIC], then what’s the point of the public coming in?”

Further reading: It is an offence to launch a denial of service attack in the UK, punishable by up to ten years in prison.