Ryan Cleary, #OpSony and the LOIC

anon.su resides on the netblock owned by Saad Naveed.  The email contact for that domain is listed as ni@id.ru. Two days ago, I received fan mail from "Francis Madsen" <ni@id.ru> that originated from the IP address Prior to that, someone forwarded to me emails that they received from "Ryan" <ryan@encyclopediadramatica.ch>. They also originated from

A subdomain, sonyns.anon.su, currently points to four nameservers owned by Sony Computer Entertainment America.
canonical name sonyns.anon.su.

In early April, "Anonymous" issued three press releases regarding a Distributed Denial of Service attack targetting Sony on the website anonnews.org. That website is run by Sven Slootweg.

What is all this, then? It appears, that at the least, Ryan Cleary facilitated the DDoS attacks against Sony by pointing sonyns.anon.su at Sony's nameservers, then many "Anonymous" pointed the LOIC application at sonyns.anon.su.
Nuevo objetivo: sonyns.anon.su.
Hive: loic.anonops.in, canal #loic.
Información sobre el enemigo en http://pastebin.com/xPYhueiS.
La guerra de la información en tus manos. WikiLeaks, los ataques DDoS, Anonymous, el proceso de Julian Assange, LOIC, los cables de la Embajada americana, AnonOps, la Ley Sinde y la lucha por la libertad en Internet no tienen secretos para las animadoras.