Jake Davis and Ryan Cleary Get a New Court Date

Update: Sat Feb 4

Ryan Cleary is a subject of discussion during a conference call between agents from the FBI and the Scotland Yard. (The call was surreptitiously joined and recorded by persons unknown.)  It appears the case may have been delayed in part because of an investigation of "indecent images" found on Cleary's hard drive.

7:15 -- How much time is reasonable? I've said 8 weeks. Got Ryan Cleary's indecent images - found by USAF who looked at hard drive. Propose they get dealt with first. That will take 6-8 weeks

13:50  -- Got the final forensic report from USAF re: Ryan Cleary hard drive. 325 pages. Quite a piece of work. We're impressed with it.
 At 15:25 of the recording, there's mention of waiting on Cleary's ISP to connect an IP address to his house, and an "extradition squad". He may be making a trip to the US in the future.

Friday, 27 January 2012 | Written by Shetland News

SHETLAND teenager Jake Davis accused of hacking into websites under the pseudonym ‘Topiary’ has had his trial delayed until 11 May.

Davis was due to enter a plea at Southwark Crown Court in London along with fellow accused hacker 19 year old Ryan Cleary, but the trial was pushed back due to a continuing investigation into the “possible complicity of others”, with the case being described a “significant and complex international investigation”.

Freelance journalist Ryan Gallagher, who attended the hearing said, "delay due to continuing investigation into possible complicity of others" and "Davis' defence will find out more details, including "letters from foreign jurisdictions", on 30 March, when new evidence entered."